Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Membership

  1. 4 Entertainment Pty Ltd (ACN ) trading name as Mahjong Australia (MA)  administers the Mahjong Australia Membership program and World Series of Mahjong Australia membership program.
  2. The Venue is the licensed establishment where you have joined the Mahjong Australia program.
  3. Members of the Mahjong Australia Membership Program must be over the age of 18 and an Australian resident. Mahjong Australia may ask you at any time to provide valid identification to prove your eligibility to be a member of Mahjong Australia.
  4. To apply for membership of Mahjong Australia you must fully complete and sign the Mahjong Australia membership application form. By signing the Mahjong Australia membership application form you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound the terms and conditions and membership charter of Mahjong Australia. MA may from time to time amend these terms and conditions. A current copy of the terms and conditions will be displayed at www.mahjongaustralia.com.au/terms-and-conditions
  5. MA or the Venue have the right to refuse any membership application at their sole discretion.
  6. Only one membership per person is permitted.
  7. MA administers other membership programs and reserves the right to combine, consolidate or rebrand any of the membership programs. In the event that MA combine, consolidate or rebrand MA all current members of MA will automatically become members of the new membership program.
  8. A member of MA can at any time elect to discontinue your membership. A request to discontinue your membership or to update or correct any information should be sent to info@mahjongaustralia.com.au


2. Mahjong Australia Membership Cards

  1. Only one MA member card per member will be issued per member. MA membership cards remain the property of Mahjong Australia. An MA membership card is non transferable and cannot be used by any person other than who the card is issued to.
  2. By using the MA membership card you indicate your continuing acceptance of the terms and conditions of MA as amended from time to time.
  3. If you lose your MA membership card you must provide identification to receive a replacement card. You may be charged a fee for a replacement card.
  4. MA & the Venue may at any time require you to provide valid identification to verify your membership.


3. Partners

  1. From time to time MA will enter into partnership arrangement with other companies.
  2. By joining MA you allow MA to register your details with MA partners. These partners may then offer you the opportunity to become a member of their respective programs.


4. Use of Information/Privacy

  1. By becoming a member of MA, unless otherwise advised, each member agrees that MA may use your personal information for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without seeking your approval.
  2. MA may also use information gained about members for research to develop future products, services and offers.
  3. Subject to clause 4(b) all information accumulated by MA is for the use of MA. MA undertakes not to sell member information to any other person or organization that is unrelated to MA.


5. Points

  1. MA may from time to time conduct promotional activities that entitle members to reward points.


6. Competition

  1. Any member of MA that participates in any MA competition agrees to abide by the MA member code of conduct. A copy of the code of conduct is available at www.mahjongaustralia.com.au.
  2. Any member of MA that participates in any MA competition agrees to abide by the World Series of Mahjong format rules. A copy of the rules is available at www.mahjongaustralia.com.au.