St George Pick a Card



St George Leagues Club - Pick a Card Promotion

Every Thursday & Saturday starting 11th of May 2017.

3 Players every tournament will be randomly chosen via the computer system to select a card. Once a card has been selected it will remain turned over until the end of the month! The Board will be reset at the start of the month!

Each Card will win a cash prize. The Prizes are as followed:

Joker Cards: $200 each
Aces: $100 each
Kings: $50 each
Queens: $25 each
Jacks: $20 each
10s: $10 each
9s: $10 each
8s: $10 each
7s: $5 each
6s: $5 each
5s: $5 each
4s: $5 each
3s: $5 each
2s: $5 each