Mahjong Masters Introduction

Mahjong Australia (MA) has been managing and hosting Mahjong Tournaments throughout Sydney NSW since 2006. Over the past few years we have extended our league nationally with clubs in Brisbane QLD, Melbourne VIC and Canberra ACT. We are the largest Mahjong League in Australia and one of the strongest in the world. Due to the strength and success of our national league Mahjong Australia in association with The Star Casino is proud to announce the Mahjong Masters - guaranteed $100,000.00 tournament. This event is designed to bring the finest mahjong players in Australia and around the world together to play for their share of $100,000.00 in cash. The 3 day event will be held at the Event Centre in The Star Casino.

Players can qualify for this event by playing at one of Mahjong Australia’s venues across the country. Or by purchasing their entry ticket - priced at $550.00
We wish you all the best in the main event.

Team Mahjong Australia