COC Schedule


Rules:  Baida Mahjong (click for rules) 

All Mahjong Australia tournament winners starting from the 1st of January 2018 will receive an entry into the $30,000 Baida main event.


WHEN: Sunday 1st April 2018

WHERE: The Star Sydney

STARTS: 10:30am

Terms & Conditions

    Ø  The ticket will substitute $200 of the total 1st prize.

    Ø  Ticket is compulsory at all Mahjong Australia venues in NSW.

    Ø  Any player that wins a mahjong tournament will automatically be registered for the tournament. Tickets are not transferable before the 19 of March 2018.

    Ø  Any player who has already won a ticket will be given the choice to either take another ticket or $200 cash. Players have 48 hours to nominate the recipient.

    Ø  Tickets are not redeemable for cash.

    Ø  Tournament will be capped at 272 players.

    Ø  Tournament format to be announced but will not exceed one day.