$100,000 Mahjong Masters

Rules: Traditional Mahjong

The 2018 Mahjong Masters will be played over 2 days. In total there are 8 rounds (4 rounds per day); there are 16 games per round with a 10 minute break to change tables after 8 games. After the completion of round 2 the elimination rounds will commence with the top 128 players progressing into round 3. Once Round 4 is complete, there will be another elimination with the top 64 players continuing into the second day of the tournament. At the end of Rounds 2 and 4 when eliminations have occurred all remaining players will carry a ¼ of their score from the previous rounds into round 3 and 5 respectively.

Monday 2nd April 2018: Registration
All players are required to register at The Star, Cherry between 5:30pm – 7:30pm.
This will allow players to meet other participants and ask any questions about the tournament.
There will be announcements between 6:00pm – 6:30pm. Refreshments available!

Tuesday 3rd April 2018: Day 1
The first round will commence at 10am, after the first round finishes there will be an hour break for lunch. Round 2 will then start at 1:10pm and finish at 3:20pm and the total score of both rounds will be used to generate the top 128 players who qualify for round 3. The remaining 128 players will have another break for 1 hour and 20 minutes before recommencing.

All players will play in round 1 and 2.

The remaining 128 players will start round 3 at 4:40pm. Their scores from round 1 and 2 will be quartered . This means all 128 players will start round 3 with this quartered score. Round 3 will end at 6:50pm and all 128 players will have an hour break before commencing round 4. Round 4 will then start at 7:50pm. After round 4 finishes the top 64 will be invited to continue onto day 2.                                                                                                        

All 128 players will play rounds 3 and 4.

Wednesday 4th April 2018: Day 2
The remaining 64 players will need to return for day 2 of the tournament on Monday 24th of April 2017 by 9:15am. Play will commence at 9:30am sharp with the 64 players starting the tournament with their final score of round 4 quartered. Round 5 will finish at 11:40am and players will have a 50 minute break before recommencing round 6 at 12:30pm. On the completion of round 6 at 2:40pm the top 32 players left in the tournament will go on a break for 30 minutes until 3:10pm.

All 64 players will play rounds 5 and 6.

The top 32 players will all start with a score of zero. Round 7 will start at 3:10pm and finish at 5:20pm. All players will have a 50 minute break and recommence playing Round 8 at 6:10pm. The top 32 players will all be awarded their cash prizes at the end of round 8. 
All 32 players will play rounds 7 and 8.


All 32 players will play rounds 7 and 8.